Social Studies

Early Cultures

Before-and-After Chart: Choose an invention from the following list and explain how people’s lives were different before and after the invention: refrigerator, train, computer, microwave oven, VCR, airplane, television. Write about how possble inventions of the future change human life.

Border Cave: Picture life in Border Cave. What would they see? What would they smell? What might they hear?
Write a short poem to describe the experience.

Farm products: Choose one farm product (apples, milk, oranges for example) and figure out how much of that product you consume in a week. Then multiply that amount by 52 weeks and come up with a fugure that tells about how much a farmer has to produce to provide that farm product for you.

“From Agriculture to Civilization.” Create a poster that shows in detail 5 causes and their effects and illustrate them.

Historical events: Research to find out when the following events happened: the Declaration of Independence, Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the birth of Julius Caesar, and Marco Polo’s return to Italy. Make a time line giving these dates in order and showing the time between them.

Look around through the cave. Find out how it was discovered and how it is being preserved.

Timeline Generator:
Create either a vertical or a horizontal time line. You should choose about six events.


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